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Exitlinks 1.17

Exitlinks will change the way you build links forever. The advanced link shortener makes it possible to build dynamic short links on your own domain.

Exitlinks’s layout has been designed with users in mind. No matter how you use it, and no matter how you view it, your URL shortener is going to look great.

Contextual Tags

Add some color based on context.

Monetise outbound links Track social media links Display a timed message on links Add javascript ads Customize to suit Support open source


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In Bootstrap 4, cards replace panels, thumbnails and wells from Bootstrap 3.

Create short links

Convert Links to short urls.

Full managament

Manage URLs Created by Users

PayPal integration

Request Payments with Paypal and view monies earned history

Admin area

Manage links within an admin area

Set profit margins

Set the amount of revenue you wish to share with your users

Intermission Ads

Set the amount of time an ad should be displayed for


Request Payments with Paypal and view monies earned history

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